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Promote positivity, love of humanity, happiness, reaching human potential, and freedom. Follow us to change this world into what we deserve.

We have all had at least one moment in our lives when we have taken a step back and thought, “Why is life the way it is?… Why am I going to work? Why do people fight each other? Why is each of us living how we are living right now?… Do our individual lives really have a purpose?” Take a moment and think about the fact that everyone in the world has had these same thoughts…. There really is so much that is common between all human beings, whether you grew up in rural Africa or in a suburb of Chicago. We all experience the same human condition.

Unfortunately, this human condition has been taken advantage of over and over again. Everyday, attempts are made to manipulate us to think a certain way - to consume a certain product, to support a certain cause. It would be naive to believe that every attempt to persuade us was for our own benefit.

This ever increasing vying for our time and energy more than ever begs for things to be freely discussed. In order to decide on our own what to believe and how to act we must be able to hear others’ opinions and allow any and all evidence to be shown to us.

The problem is that all the public forums for discourse primarily used today intentionally impose bias and censorship, polarizing people and putting them in echo chambers without them even being aware of it. Worse yet, the companies running our society’s public discourse take advantage of the most basic aspects of the human condition - intentionally making us vacuous addicts - because we in fact are the product they are selling to other companies.

We at Good Vibrations do not want people to be products. We want people to be who they were truly meant to be. What that is exactly is up for each person to decide, but our platform will allow others from all walks of life help them figure it out.

Humans are the most amazing things we know of. Nothing we know of is even close. Nothing else has such internal conflict when deciding whether or not to lie to one’s parents or stops and wonders about stars being millions of light years away. We are the universe’s way of knowing itself. And yet, each of us seems to be a universe in itself. Think about this: all of your memories, all your thoughts and dreams, those extremely long agonizing moments of stress before speaking in public, those insanely fast hours of playing games with friends, years and years of experiences - they have all been in your mind and your mind alone. We each are deep reservoirs of something that we call consciousness.

Humans built the great pyramids and sailed the vast oceans. We can adapt to conditions of living on small islands with 100 degree weather or thriving in freezing cold tundras. We are capable of producing math that models the splitting of an atom. We stared for millennia at the giant rock in the sky above us, and are now capable of flying there. In everything around us there is infinite depth to be discovered and humans have proven themselves to have the infinite potential needed to reach the bottom.

Good vibrations will be the public place of gathering that humanity deserves. We will use our society’s amazing technology how it should be used - not for soft enslavement and to make money off of others - but to truly bridge divisions, have communication, and improve lives. We believe in humanity, and we believe in you.

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